General principles

The Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) is an economic think tank. The HWWI is a non-profit research organisation (gemeinnützige GmbH), privately funded, independent and committed to the principles of a Social Market Economy. Through our research work, we assume responsibility for and contribute to a free, progressive and open society.

We achieve this by identifying future issues impacting on a global society and the associated socio-economic interrelationships. The transfer of knowledge from scientific research to practical applications in the economic and political spheres, as well as the conversion into recommended actions, is at the core of our research activities. Basic research, application- and practice-oriented research for politics and enterprises, as well as the training of up and coming researchers are fundamentals of the HWWI.

Value-free science, open-ended research and methodological pluralism characterise our work. By doing so, we commit ourselves to rules on Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice.

We regard ourselves as particularly committed to Hamburg and the northern German region. Accordingly, we identify global trends and international economic developments and analyse their regional impacts.

Our aim is to apply these guidelines to our daily work with a high degree of personal motivation and professional excellence, as well as dedicating ourselves to society and to those whom we work for, and also to our clients, stakeholders, friends and promoters.  

The HWWI operates in the following research areas, acting in a scientific and consultancy capacity:

  • Economic Trends and Global Markets
  • Environment and Climate
  • Energy and Raw Material Markets
  • Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Family Economics
  • Health and Sports Economics
  • Family Owned Business (in cooperation with the HSBA)
  • Real Estate and Asset Markets
  • Demography, Migration and Integration
  • Regional Economics and Urban Development
  • Institutions and Institutional Change
  • Sectoral Change: Maritime Industries and Aerospace