General principles

The Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) is an independent, non-profit research institute and was founded in 2005. The institute specializes in the interdisciplinary analysis of key economic and socio-economic trends.
The HWWI uses its theoretical and applied research expertise to offer practical consultancy services and to provide economically relevant results for business, society and policy-making. The institute is the sole shareholder of the HWWI Consult GmbH.

The HWWI operates in the following research areas, acting in a scientific and consultancy capacity:

  • Economic Trends and Global Markets
  • Environment and Climate
  • Energy and Raw Material Markets
  • Labour Economics, Economics of Education, Family Economics
  • Health and Sports Economics
  • Family Owned Business (in cooperation with the HSBA)
  • Real Estate and Asset Markets
  • Demography, Migration and Integration
  • Regional Economics and Urban Development
  • Institutions and Institutional Change
  • Sectoral Change: Maritime Industries and Aerospace

The HWWI advances economic science through research and teaching and is affiliated institute of the University of Hamburg. The HWWI has developed its own principles of good scientific practice in conjunction with the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The HWWI is a private, non-profit, limited liability company (gemeinnützige GmbH) under German law. The joint shareholders of the Institute are the University of Hamburg and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Aside from the head office in Hamburg, the HWWI has offices in Bremen and Erfurt.