New article, World Commerce Review, December 2014

Closing in on "beyond" GDP

At first sight, the debate on "beyond GDP" seems to centre around a fuzzy concept. And it is not the GDP part that makes the concept somewhat hard to grasp, but the "beyond" in the expression.
Press release, 10 October 2014

Green Opportunities in China - Room for a German-Chinese Partnership in Advancing Sustainability Projects in China

The HWWI and BDO seek to raise awareness of the potential for German-Chinese cooperation in advancing projects in China. Chinese growth over the last two decades has been spectacular and unprecedented. On the other hand, rising living standards and industrial production have led to a degradation of the environment.
Publication with our partner

Labour mobility - Is the euro boosting mobility?

How mobile are workers in the euro currency area? In this study, we take a look at the empirical evidence and examine whether the pressure of the euro currency crisis has changed the behaviour of workers in Europe in terms of whether their mobility has increased.
New study

Female Entrepreneurship – Evidence from Germany and the Baltic Sea Region

Today, the female self-employment rate is still lower than the male self-employment rate in various countries. When successful entrepreneurship is regarded as an important driver for economic growth, the question arises whether equal start-up opportunities exist.
Strategy 2030

Brazil and the 2014 World Cup

The opening game of the 20th FIFAWorld Cup in Brazil will kick off in São Paulo on 12 June. Two years later, Brazil will again be under public scrutiny around the world when Rio de Janeiro hosts the XXXI Summer Olympics. These events are giving Brazil the chance to present itself to the world as a powerful, safe and modern country. But in the run-up to the World Cup, massive protests against the country’s political leaders have erupted among large parts of the population.
Baltic Sea Academy Publication

Economic Perspectives, Qualifications and Labour Market Integration of Women in the Baltic Sea Region

The Baltic Sea Academy is editor and co-editor of scientific journals and publishes peer-reviewed books with contributions from scientists and experts from all countries around the Mare Balticum on an irregular basis. This study analyses the current economic and demographic structures in the Baltic Sea reagion and assesses the development perspectives.

New articles

Creative Professionals, Local Amenities and Externalities: Do Regional Concentrations of Creative Professionals Reinforce Themselves Over Time?

by Jan Wedemeier


Changing Patterns of Electricity Usage in European Manufacturing: A Decomposition Analysis

by L. Wenzel und A. Wolf


Review of Family Business Definitions: Cluster Approach and Implications

by Henrik Harms


How much of a socialist legacy? The re-emergence of entrepreneurship in the East German transformation to a market economy

by Elisabeth Bublitz et al.


Call for Papers

IFERA 2015 Annual Conference Call for Papers

Tradition and Innovation in Family Business

The International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) and the Hamburg Institute of Family Owned Business of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) invite you to participate in the IFERA 2015 Conference, to be held in Hamburg, Germany, 30th June to 3rd July, 2015.


HWWI Raw Material Index

The HWWI index measures the development of raw material prices.

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