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Economic Perspectives, Qualifications and Labour Market Integration of Women in the Baltic Sea Region

The Baltic Sea Academy is editor and co-editor of scientific journals and publishes peer-reviewed books with contributions from scientists and experts from all countries around the Mare Balticum on an irregular basis. This study analyses the current economic and demographic structures in the Baltic Sea reagion and assesses the development perspectives.

US votes on trade and migration

As populations in rich nations continue to age and skill shortages begin to emerge, concern over getting immigration policy right is set to intensify. This column discusses new research on US policymaking, showing that many of the determinants of policymakers’ attitudes towards trade are also in operation when it comes to migration.
Pressemitteilung vom 11. Dezember 2012

Rezession im Euroraum infiziert deutsche Konjunktur

Das HWWI hat seine Prognose der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung in Deutschland aktualisiert. Für 2013 wird unverändert mit einem Wirtschaftswachstum von ½ % gerechnet, nach ¾ % für 2012. Die Risiken für eine ungünstigere Entwicklung bleiben angesichts der Unsicherheit über die weitere Entwicklung der Eurokrise, des möglichen „fiscal cliff“ in den USA und der Spannungen in Nahost aber erheblich.
Working Paper

Economic Analysis of Projects in a Greenhouse World

Recent carbon market prices are substantially lower than mean or median estimates of the social cost of carbon in the literature. Intuition would therefore suggest that ‘investment errors’ are being made, in the sense that markets favor higher carbon-emitting projects, while global welfare would be larger with lower carbonemitting projects. This intuition is correct in specific circumstances, but not others.

Labour market integration and public perceptions of immigrants: a comparison between Germany and Spain during the economic crisis

Since the start of the global economic downturn, Germany and Spain have experienced highly-divergent impacts of the crisis on the labour market in general and on immigrant workers in particular.
Update 06 2012

Kooperation zwischen Deutschland, Polen und Tschechien im Elbe-Oder-Raum

Das HWWI hat in Kooperation mit der Handelskammer Hamburg die Regionen der Kammerunion Elbe/Oder (KEO) untersucht. Im Zuge der Analyse wurden zahlreiche Themengebiete wie Demografie, Wirtschaftsstruktur, Handelsströme und Verkehrsinfrastruktur betrachtet.


Third Conference on Measuring Human Progress

Dr. Christiba Boll cobtributed to the conference initiated by the Human Development Report Office of the HDRO on 10-11 March 2014 in New York with a lecture on "Capturing gender disparities".


New article

The EU’s migration and development policy: New approaches in economics for more effective public aid

by Susanne Müller-Using, Henning Vöpel



Book chapter


in: European Immigration. A sourcebook


HWWI Raw Material Index

The HWWI index measures the development of raw material prices.

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