Latest publications

  • HWWI Research Paper

    Green, greener, grey. Disentangling different types of green growth

    by Marie-Christin Rische, Andreas Marcus Röhlig, Jana Stöver
    HWWI Research Paper

    How to Woo the Smart Ones? Evaluating the Determinants that Particularly Attract Highly Qualified People to Cities

    by Tanja Buch, Silke Hamann, Annekatrin Niebuhr, Anja Rossen
    HWWI Research Paper

    The Relation Between Overreaction in Forecasts and Uncertainty: A Nonlinear Approach

    by Julian Sebastian Leppin
  • HWWI Research Paper

    On the Predictive Content of Nonlinear Transformations of Lagged Autoregression Residuals and Time Series Observations

    by Anja Rossen
    HWWI Research Paper

    Modeling Dynamics of Metal Price Series via State Space Approach with Two Common Factors

    by Vasyl Golosnoy, Anja Rossen
    HWWI Research Paper

    What are metal prices like? Co-movement, price cycles and long-run trends

    by Anja Rossen
  • HWWI Research Paper

    The Total Economic Value of an Estuary - The Case of the River Elbe

    by Edesa Yadegar, Andreas Marcus Röhlig
    HWWI Research Paper

    A Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Model for the Analysis of Regional Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Policies

    by Malte Jahn
    HWWI Research Paper

    The Role of a Changing Market - Environment for Credit Default Swap Pricing

    by Julian Sebastian Leppin, Stefan Reitz
  • HWWI Research Paper

    Tax sovereignty and feasibility of international regulations for tobacco tax policies

    by Michael Bräuninger
    HWWI Research Paper

    Changing patterns of electricity use in European manufacturing: a decomposition analysis

    by Lars Wenzel, André Wolf
    HWWI Research Paper

    Who is overeducated and why? Probit and dynamic mixed multinomial logit analyses of vertical mismatch in East and West Germany

    by Christina Boll, Julian Sebastian Leppin, Klaus Schömann


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