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Gender pay gap in EU countries based on SES (2014)

02.11.2018 | Gutachten und Studien | von Christina Boll, Andreas Lagemann

Gender gaps in wages are an important facet of wage inequality and belong to the best documented facts in labour economics. The literature has produced an extensive set of theories helping to explain the persistence of the phenomenon. With this study, we update existing figures on the gender pay gap in EU countries based on the Structure of Earnings Survey (EU-SES) for...


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GoSmart Baltic Sea Region supports EU Innovation Union

28.09.2018 | HWWI Update Special edition | von Isabel Sünner

The GoSmart project aims at boosting transnational cooperation among industry, the research & development sector, and authorities in employing smart specialisation strategies especially in catching-up regions in the eastern parts of the Baltic Sea Region.


Regionen, Branchen und Wirtschaftszweige, Europa

DUAL Ports – On course to sustainable, low carbon regional ports

28.09.2018 | HWWI Update Special edition | von Malte Jahn

The INTERREG project DUAL Ports is concerned with the development of innovative ways to reduce the carbon emissions in and around small and medium-sized entrepreneurial ports in the North Sea Region.


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Nature-based solutions for ecologic, economic and social urban regeneration

28.09.2018 | HWWI Update Special Edition | von Andreas Schmalzbauer, Isabel Sünner

The project CLEVER Cities aims to develop nature-based solutions for sustainable and integrative urban renewal in order to combine ecologic, economic and social improvements in mutually reinforcing ways.


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Strengthening the Game Industry in the Baltic Sea Region

28.09.2018 | HWWI Update Special edition | von Marie-Christin Rische, Isabel Sünner

The EU-project "Baltic Game Industry" (BGI) aims at strengthening the industry’s innovation capability and competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region. It focuses on developing tailor-made incubation models adapted to the needs of game startups.  



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