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Daisuke Hayashi

Beiträge in Fachzeitschriften

Hayashi, D.; Feige, S.; Krey Matthias, Krey, M.; Michaelowa, A. (2006):
Development of consolidated CDM methodologies for large-scale energy efficiency projects,

Future CDM project report, prepared for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, 24ff.

Hayashi, D.; Iida, T. (2005):
Wind energy country report of Japan,

Wind Energy International 2005/2006, World Wind Energy Association, 61-62.

HWWI Research Paper

Hayashi, D.; Michaelowa, A. (2007):
Lessons from submission and approval process of large-scale energy efficiency CDM methodologies, HWWI Research Paper

4-11, Hamburg.

Hayashi, D.; Michaelowa, A. (2007):
Efficient DNA operation: Lessons from different DANN settings in non-Annex-B countries, HWWI Research Paper

4-10, Hamburg.