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Susanne Müller-Using

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Müller-Using, S.; Urban, W.; Wedemeier, J. (2020):
Internationalization of SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region: Barriers of cross‐national collaboration considering regional innovation strategies for smart specialization,

growth and change - A Journal of Urban and Regional Policy. First published: 08 October 2020.

Müller-Using, S.; Eberhardt, K.; Feldt, T.; Sarfo, F. (2016):
Factors associated with performing tuberculosis screening of HIV-positive patients in Ghana: LASSO-based predictor selection in a large public health data set,

BMC Public Health, 2016, (DOI: 10.1186/s12889-016-3239-y).

Beiträge in Fachzeitschriften

Müller-Using, S.; Vöpel, H. (2014):
The EU’s migration and development policy: New approaches in economics for more effective public aid,

Intereconomics, 49, (2), 95-101.

HWWI Policy Paper

Müller-Using, S.; Kruse, M.; Wedemeier, J. (2020):
Neustadtsgüterbahnhof Bremen – Perspektiven einer urbanen Entwicklung, HWWI Policy Paper

126, Hamburg.

HWWI Update

Müller-Using, S.; Vöpel, H. (2018):
HWWI richtet hochkarätige Konferenz in Paris aus,

HWWI Update 01/2018.