Gender pay gap in EU countries based on SES (2014)

Study carried out within the service "Scientific analysis and advice on gender equality in the EU (SAAGE)" under Service contract JUST/2015/RGEN/PR/EQUA/0088 between the European Commission and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Duration: 01.06.-31.10.2017

Status: completed

Short description:

Gender gaps in wages are an important facet of wage inequality and belong to the best documented facts in labour economics. The literature has produced an extensive set of theories helping to explain the persistence of the phenomenon (cf. Boll et al. 2016). With this study, we update existing figures on the gender pay gap in EU countries based on the Structure of Earnings Survey (EU-SES) for 2014. We thereby use the same data and the same methodological setting as in a preceding study relying on SES 2010 (Boll et al. 2016). This time, we use information from the Scientific Use File and from less anonymized data available at the Eurostat Safe Centre. This allows us to incorporate 25 EU countries plus Norway in our analyses. Due to missing information, Austria, Denmark and Ireland had to be excluded. We explore the magnitude and composition of the gender pay gap both as an average of the country aggregate and for 26 single countries.


Gender pay gap in EU countries based on SES (2014), Report prepared for and financed by the European Commission – Directorate-General for Justice, European Union (ed.)