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Combined Terminal Strategy - A strategy to push forward interregional CT development

11.06.2021 | Gutachten und Studien | von Jan-Niklas Müller, Jan Wedemeier, André Wolf

The COMBINE project aims to improve combined transport (CT) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and to make freight transport more efficient and environmentally friendly. This paper gives an initial overview of the CT with a focus on the terminals and intends to develop policy measures at the level of the EU and the Baltic Sea. A policy workshop was held as part of the...


Branchen und Wirtschaftszweige, Europa, Europäische Integration, Innovation, Regionen

Interregional smart specialisation in the Baltic Sea Region

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Mirko Kruse

Smart specialisation helps regions to use their economic strengths to boost growth and prosperity. Yet, many regions lack methods or institutional frameworks to implement the smart specialisation strategies successfully.


Branchen und Wirtschaftszweige, Regionen, Europa, Klima und Umwelt

Land-Sea-Act: Potentials for regional Blue Growth

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Andreas Lagemann

As part of its "Blue Growth" strategy, the European Union supports projects for sustainable and integrated growth in all areas of the marine and maritime economy ("Blue Economy"). The strategic framework aims to align different maritime activities – for example, through the joint use of infrastructures, human and financial resources.


Innovation, Digitalisierung

Nutzung von "Cross-Innovation"-Potenzialen der Gamesbranche durch politische Weichenstellung auf EU-Ebene

16.12.2020 | HWWI Update Winter 2020 | von Marie-Christin Rische, Isabel Sünner

Im Rahmen des im November 2020 abgeschlossenen, durch die Europäische Union (EU) geförderten Projekts "Baltic Game Industry (BGI) – Empowering a Booster for Regional Development" hat das HWWI die politischen Rahmenbedingungen der Videospielbranche auf EU-Ebene untersucht.


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Branchen und Wirtschaftszweige, Regionen, Europa

Exploiting the Cross-Sectoral Potential of the Game Industry Through Political Support at the EU Level

30.11.2020 | Diskussionsbeiträge | von David Mainus, Marie-Christin Rische, Isabel Sünner

The aim of this paper is to provide some critical insight into the range of political support for the European game industry on the EU policy level, particularly focussing on the industry’s huge technological potential to cross-fertilize other economic sectors. It will draw conclusions where further action is needed.


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Regionen, Innovation, Europa, Branchen und Wirtschaftszweige

Internationalization of SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region: Barriers of cross‐national collaboration considering regional innovation strategies for smart specialization

08.10.2020 | Beiträge in referierten Zeitschriften | von Susanne Müller-Using, Wiesław Urban, Jan Wedemeier

This paper provides new evidence on barriers that hamper small and medium‐sized enterprises (SME) in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) to establish international collaboration.