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Innovative feedstocks for bioplastics production – risks and opportunities

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Claudia Wellenreuther, André Wolf

Every year, more than 400 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide, and the trend is rising. Global plastic consumption has almost doubled in the last 20 years. By far the largest proportion of plastic products are short-lived packaging products that are usually disposed of after a single use.


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HWWI works towards a circular economy

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Mirko Kruse

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the imperative for European economies to become more resilient. Moreover, the need for a sustainable transformation as articulated in the EU Green Deal remains crucial.


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Interregional smart specialisation in the Baltic Sea Region

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Mirko Kruse

Smart specialisation helps regions to use their economic strengths to boost growth and prosperity. Yet, many regions lack methods or institutional frameworks to implement the smart specialisation strategies successfully.


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Land-Sea-Act: Potentials for regional Blue Growth

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Andreas Lagemann

As part of its "Blue Growth" strategy, the European Union supports projects for sustainable and integrated growth in all areas of the marine and maritime economy ("Blue Economy"). The strategic framework aims to align different maritime activities – for example, through the joint use of infrastructures, human and financial resources.


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How green hydrogen can contribute to a green transition

10.02.2021 | HWWI Update Special edition 2021 | von Mirko Kruse

Green hydrogen has recently advanced to one of the most discussed topics in the green transition of the energy sector.


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Potenzial grüner Wasserstoff: langer Weg der Entwicklung, kurze Zeit bis zur Umsetzung

19.01.2021 | Beiträge in Fachzeitschriften | von Mirko Kruse, Jan Wedemeier

Die Wasserstofftechnologie wird schon seit längerem diskutiert, das Thema hat jedoch im Zuge des Corona-Konjunkturpakets des Bundes einen spürbaren Bedeutungszuwachs erfahren.