Strategy 2030 – Maritime Trade and Transport Logistics

Global economic development in the past decades has been characterized by a rapidly progressing intensification in world trade and international division of labor. In recent decades, as a result of the expansive development of international merchandise trade, cargo shipping has been one of the fastest growing economic sectors. The progressive global integration processes, the future reduction in trade barriers, and the expected increase in prosperity in numerous regions of the world will also call for a marked expansion in world trade and cargo shipping. This designates maritime logistics as an economic sector with favorable perspectives for development. The present study – using as a starting point a forecast of the development of world trade up to the year 2030 – deals with development trends in cargo shipping and the related impact on ports in the European trade areas.

Part 4 „Strategy 2030 – Maritime Trade and Transport Logistics“

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Die Serie "Strategie 2030 - Vermögen und Leben in der nächsten Generation" analysiert langfristig orientierte volkswirtschaftliche Fragestellungen.