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In der Publikationsreihe „HWWI Research“ werden Reports und Paper veröffentlicht, die die Forschungsergebnisse von HWWI Mitarbeitern sowie von Forschungspartnern präsentieren. Sie sind gedacht und konzipiert für nationale und internationale Fachkreise.

HWWI Research Reports stellen ausführlich Ergebnisse der institutseigenen Forschungsarbeit vor. Sie erscheinen sowohl in gedruckter als auch in elektronischer Form.

HWWI Research Papers sind Forschungsbeiträge, die die Ergebnisse der Forschungsarbeit von internen – und bei Kooperationen – auch von externen Wissenschaftlern präsentieren. Sie erscheinen mehrmals im Monat und sind lediglich online verfügbar.

HWWI Research Reports und Papers erscheinen in deutscher oder englischer Sprache (in Ausnahmefällen stehen sie ebenfalls in beiden Sprachen zur Verfügung).


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Does Culture Trump Money? Employment and Childcare Use of Migrant and Non-Migrant Mothers of Pre-School Children in Germany

21.11.2018 | HWWI Research Paper 187, Hamburg | von Christina Boll, Andreas Lagemann

This study investigates the employment and childcare use behaviour of migrant and non-migrant mothers in Germany. We use the waves 2007-2015 of the German Socio-Economic Panel study (SOEP), including the migrant samples M1 and M2, to identify significant associations between migration background and employment probability, working hours, and childcare usage probability...


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Energie- und Rohstoffe

What Drives Nickel Prices – A structural VAR Approach

10.10.2018 | HWWI Research Paper | von Lars Ehrlich

Metal markets play a major role in the challenging area of natural resource economics and have a forceful impact on global and local development. Understanding the behaviour and nature of metal price fluctuation is an essential element for taking countermeasures. Nickel is an indispensable element for modern steel industries and therefore crucial to industrial...


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Artificial neural network regression models: Predicting GDP growth

04.09.2018 | HWWI Research Paper 185 | von Malte Jahn

Artificial neural networks have become increasingly popular for statistical model fitting over the last years, mainly due to increasing computational power. In this paper, an introduction to the use of artificial neural network (ANN) regression models is given. The problem of predicting the GDP growth rate of 15 industrialized economies in the time period 1996-2016...


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Bildung, Europa

Patterns of Overeducation in Europe: The Role of Field of Study

31.08.2018 | HWWI Research Paper 184, Hamburg | von Christina Boll, Anja Rossen, André Wolf

This study investigates the incidence of overeducation among graduate workers in 21 EU countries and its underlying factors based on the European Labor Force Survey 2016 (EU-LFS). Although controlling for a wide range of covariates, the particular interest lies in the role of fields of study for vertical educational mismatch. The study reveals country and gender...


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The gender pay gap in the public and private sector in Germany

30.08.2018 | HWWI Research Paper 183, Hamburg | von Christina Boll, Andreas Lagemann

The present study examines, based on the Structure of Earnings Survey (SES) 2010 and 2014, the unadjusted gender pay gap of the public sector (economic sectors O (Public Administration, Defence, and compulsory Social Security) and P (Education)) compared to the private economy. The unadjusted gender pay gap in the public sector stood at 5.6 % in 2014 and was virtually...


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Energie- und Rohstoffe, Energiewirtschaft

Photovoltaic self-consumption after the support period: Will it pay off in a cross-sector perspective?

23.08.2018 | HWWI Research Paper 182 | von Lars Ehrlich, Jonas Klamka, André Wolf

We quantify the cost savings potential of photovoltaic self-consumption by single-family houses with small-scale roof-top photovoltaic (PV) systems in Germany against the background of recent storage applications after the end of the legal support period. We analyze different systems where an already installed PV system is combined with battery storage and/or a...