Consequences of Economic - Partnership Agreements between East and Southern African countries and the EU for inter- and intra-regional integration

01.01.2007 | HWWI Research Paper | von Axel Borrmann, Matthias Busse, Manuel de la Rocha

The European Union is currently negotiating Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with six African, Caribbean and Pacific country groupings, aiming at establishing mutual free trade. This paper empirically assesses the impact of the EPAs on trade flows and government revenues for 22 East and Southern African countries and discusses implications for intra-regional integration. The results indicate that while moderate trade effects can be expected, relatively large budget effects are likely to occur in a number of these countries, exposing them to considerable structural and financial adjustment requirements. Also, EPAs would strengthen the need to consolidate overlapping intra-regional integration schemes.


Axel Borrmann
Prof. Dr. Matthias Busse