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The Impact of Student Diversity in Secondary Schools. An Analysis of the International PISA Data and Implications for the German Education System

01.07.2006 | HWWI Research Paper | von Jean Bourdon, Katharina Michaelowa

While increased heterogeneity in schools (diversity) leads to reduced segregation and greater equity for students from different family backgrounds, it is often expected to have a negative impact on overall performance, and on student well-being and motivation. In this study, neither cross-country comparisons nor student-level analysis confirm this hypothesis. In some countries, students’ overall achievement as well as their interest and engagement even appear to be positively influenced by diversity, notably by socio-economic and cultural diversity. In Germany, socio-economic diversity has a positive impact on student achievement, and ability related and cultural diversity positively affect interest and engagement in mathematics. 


Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa