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Baltic Sea Region Combined Transport Development Strategy

07.07.2021 | Beiträge in Sammelwerken | von Jan-Niklas Müller, Jan Wedemeier

The EU transport policy sees CT as a major player in the transitioning of the freight transport sector. The most relevant framework conditions for road-rail CT in Europe, but also in the narrower sense of the BSR are defined by UIRR (2021).


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The Role of COVID-19 in Spatial Reorganization: Some Evidence from Germany

06.05.2021 | HWWI Research Paper 195 | von Andree Ehlert, Jan Wedemeier, Tabea Zahlmann

This paper analyzes the role of regional demographic, socioeconomic and political factors on changes in mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides new empirical evidence for the regional differentiation of lockdown measures and indicates a possible reorganization of spatial economic and social activities beyond the course of the pandemic. Spatial econometric...


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Migrant integration: Insights from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany

23.10.2020 | HWWI Policy Paper 127, Hamburg | von Christina Boll, Andreas Lagemann, Achim Welsch, André Wolf

Several EU Member States have traditionally been a destination for migrants, whether they come from within the EU or elsewhere in the world. The flow of migrants has led to a range of new skills and talents being introduced into local labour markets while also increasing cultural diversity. The relevance of a stronger integration of migrants into the labour markets and...


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Kombinierter Verkehr in Europa: eine szenariobasierte Projektion der Emissionseinsparpotenziale

03.09.2020 | HWWI Update Sommer 2020 | von Malte Jahn, Paul Schumacher, Jan Wedemeier, André Wolf

Seit dem Beginn des EU-Projektes COMBINE im Januar 2019 intensiviert das HWWI seine modellgestützte Forschung zum Thema kombinierten Verkehr.


Energiewirtschaft, Mobilität

Perspektiven der Elektromobilität: Die Batterie als Engpassfaktor

25.06.2020 | Beiträge in Fachzeitschriften | von André Wolf


Branchen und Wirtschaftszweige, Europa, Mobilität, Regionen

Neues EU-Projekt zur Stärkung des kombinierten Verkehrs: COMBINE

30.04.2019 | HWWI Update 01/2019 | von Jan Wedemeier, André Wolf

Das EU-INTERREG Projekt COMBINE möchte den Anteil des kombinierten Verkehrs daher erhöhen, indem es den Betrieb insbesondere in den Terminals verbessert und die Kosten für die letzte Meile verringert. 



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