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HWWI is a research research institute working primarily empirically. The HWWI's research activities regularly generate data sets that may also be of interest to external researchers and research institutions, companies, associations or politicians. We make such data sets available via our HWWI Dashboard. On the one hand, the dashboard makes it possible to visualize the data in different ways. On the other hand, the dashboard also allows you to download the data. Some of the data is available to download free of charge, while other data requires a paid subscription.

Chart of 26.10.2023

HWWI Commodity Index

Trade in raw materials, i.e. largely unprocessed raw materials, is of great importance for many countries. Many highly industrialized economies in particular are heavily dependent on raw material supplies from abroad for their production. The HWWI Commodity Price Index shows the price development of the most important commodity imports for highly developed economies and thus facilitates an overview of the latest developments on the commodity markets.

The HWWI publishes the commodity price index at various frequencies (annually, quarterly, monthly and daily) for three different weighting periods, in two exchange rates (USD and euro) and for two regions (OECD countries, member states of the European Monetary Union). The index is also available on an individual country basis. In addition to the overall index, numerous sub-indices are also published, e.g. for energy commodities, industrial commodities or food. Finally, each index is available in three variants: as a historical time series, as a real-time time series and as a daily updated time series.

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