Promoting the HWWI

The Hamburg World Economic Institute (HWWI) is an independent, privately financed economic research institute. With its research activities, the HWWI contributes to promoting the understanding of economic relationships and to making better economic decisions on a scientific basis in business, administration and politics.

In addition to its research activities, the institute is a platform on which representatives from science and business, politics and associations as well as the interested public network. Together, future economic challenges can be identified, discussed and possible solutions can be worked out.

The HWWI is a non-profit company and is not funded by the state. The public goods that the HWWI provides are offered free of charge. The basic research and methodological training of employees, the public presentation of the research results and the reliable personnel expertise, which are essential for the quality of the work, are primarily financed through donations. The HWWI receives these donations from northern German companies and corporations – and from many friends and supporters.