06.03.2024 | Economic Policy Forum

Der deutsche Strommarkt

Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel

Handelskammer Hamburg | Albert-Schäfer-Saal | Adolphsplatz 1 | 20457 Hamburg | 18:00 - 20:00 o'clock

At the first event of the HWWI Forum of Economic Policy this year, Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel presented his analysis of the German electricity market. Once again, the event took place on the premises of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and this time it was also attended by numerous interested listeners from politics, science, business and the public.

The very catchy lecture started with an overview of the basic facts of the German electricity market: the composition of the different energy sources contributing to energy production as well as the resulting price formation in the event of varying demand scenarios. A massive expansion of renewable energies for electricity generation and also of the power grid are therefore unavoidable.

Based on this, Prof. Löschel outlined a possible electricity market of the future. The future design of the electricity market will therefore have to change. An adaptation of consumption to the renewable energy that is only available in sufficient quantities at certain times and also the spatial restrictions require a corresponding further development of the market design. To this end, Prof. Löschel presented possible options for action, emphasizing technology openness and incentives for investment as important framework conditions.

The HWWI was able to attract a captivating speaker from the ranks of the Federal Government’s expert commission “Energy of the Future”, which was also reflected in the lively discussion at the end.


Das HWWI konnte einen fesselnden Referenten aus den Reihen der Expertenkommission “Energie der Zukunft” der Bundesregierung gewinnen, was sich auch in der lebhaften Diskussion am Ende widerspiegelte.