18.01.2024 | New Years Reception

HWWI New Years Reception 2024


Future of the African Location – Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Development

Prof. Dr. Matthias Busse

Ruhr-University Bochum

Handelskammer Bremen – IHK für Bremen und Bremerhaven, Am Markt 13, 28195 Bremen | 16:30 - 20:00 o'clock

On Thursday, January 18, 2024, a highly interesting event on the “Future of the African Location” took place at the Handelskammer Bremen – für Bremen und Bremerhaven (Bremen Chamber of Commerce –  CCI for Bremen and Bremerhaven). Moderated by Dr. Jan Wedemeier, the event gathered around 60 participants who looked forward to gaining insights into the dynamic and multifaceted development of society and economy in Africa.

The introductory words by Mr. Dubbers-Albrecht (President of the Handelskammer Bremen – für Bremen und Bremerhaven) set the tone for an evening full of insights into the progress and challenges faced by African countries. The discussion highlighted the complexity of this development, from successful growth to persistent issues such as inflation and the impacts of climate change.

The welcome was given by Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht and Ass. jur. Cornelius Neumann-Redlin (Chairman of the Förderkreis des HWWI – Niederlassung Bremen e.V. (the Support Association of the HWWI Bremen) and Managing Director of Die Unternehmensverbände im Lande Bremen e.V. (The Business Associations of the State of Bremen e.V.).

Prof. Dr. Matthias Busse, a renowned expert in International Economic Relations and the economic development of Africa, particularly south of the Sahara, delivered an insightful keynote speech. Prof. Busse pointed out that not all African countries exhibit below-average growth rates, emphasizing a highly divergent development. Using Ghana as a case study, he illustrated the reasons for the positive trend of individual states over the last 25 years and their current challenges. His analysis of Africa’s current economic situation and its significance for 2024 prompted in-depth considerations. In a stimulating conversation with Dr. Jan Wedemeier, the presented topics were further explored, providing guests with a comprehensive insight, including how businesses can engage on the African continent. Dr. Fonger, Managing Director and Senior Syndic of the Handelskammer Bremen – für Bremen und Bremerhaven, concluded the event with a brief and concise summary.

The event not only provided a platform for professional discussions but also facilitated intense exchange and networking among participants. The open atmosphere contributed to in-depth discussions on the future of the investment location in Africa, the necessary steps to seize opportunities and address challenges, as well as the role that Europe and, in particular, Bremen can play.

The evening concluded with a reception, where further discussions took place between guests and key figures of the event. The feedback on the event was consistently positive, and attendees gained numerous insights and impulses for their own work.

We extend our gratitude to all participants, the speaker, Prof. Busse, as well as everyone who contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to more exciting discussions and insights at upcoming events of the Förderkreis des HWWI – Niederlassung Bremen e.V.

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