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Hydrogen for Bremen’s Industrial Transformation

Project duration: 09.2023 - 02.2026

The major research project hyBit started in September 2022 and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with approximately 30 million euros. In the initial 3.5-year project phase, the conceptual foundations are being established, and the transformation platform is being built. Based on this, a second project phase is planned to implement concrete steps.

The hyBit project consists of five research clusters. At the core of the project is the transformation platform (Cluster 1), which serves as the basis for a cross-sectoral roadmap and monitoring process. Clusters 2-4 delve into key areas of transformation, such as industrial applications, heavy-duty transportation, port logistics, processes for hydrogen production from waste materials, as well as heat recovery for neighborhoods and service centers, all as linked and integrated transformation processes. In Cluster 5, the analysis is spatially expanded to explore synergies with other hydrogen activities in Germany, Europe, and worldwide