brown and white wooden house beside river during daytime

Accelerating the transition towards sustainable heating and cooling based on collective surface water heat pump systems

Project duration: 06.2023 - 07.2026

WaterWarmth is an Interreg North Sea project focusing on the research and promotion of a specific alternative energy source: aquathermal energy (AE). The aim is to enable local energy cooperatives to produce and supply their own heating and cooling systems, thus becoming independent of fossil fuels.

Half of the energy consumed in the EU is used for heating and cooling. Most of this energy is still based on fossil fuels and energy imports from non-EU countries are also necessary. The use of thermal energy from water is therefore an interesting, although not yet very widespread, alternative for heating and cooling buildings while conserving resources.

The WaterWarmth consortium is an association of countries from across the North Sea region and will work on the surface water heat pump system in a number of ways as part of the project. On the one hand, it will work on the further development of co-operative heat pump systems with the help of pilot projects at different locations. Not only the possibilities of implementation in the existing infrastructure will be evaluated, but also the effects on the environment. On the other hand, the legal and political frameworks have to be considered and evaluated and integrated into appropriate governance structures. The project will focus on the promotion of energy communities and the extent to which these can be supported and citizen participation promoted.


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